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Your Board Defined
What is the WorldMark Board of Directors?
Here’s the short list
  • The board members are your elected representatives.
  • They are the governing body of your club.
  • The board is responsible for ensuring that the club is governed by its guidelines, bylaws, and declaration.
  • The board conducts, manages, and controls the affairs and business of the club.
  • The board makes rules and regulations regarding conduct of club business, behavior, and use of the resorts.

Your elected board members cause WorldMark by Wyndham—through its management contract—to conduct, manage, and control the day-to-day business of the club. The board provides WorldMark by Wyndham with broad statements of intent and priorities during the budget process, and offers any direction that may be required when performance against that budget is examined at the quarterly meetings. WorldMark by Wyndham is constantly looking for new technologies and programs within the boundaries of the founding documents that will enhance operational efficiencies and improve services to owners.

Board members continually monitor your concerns and observations regarding the way your services are provided to you. The board has the authority to review club guidelines and make changes and/or additions as needed. The board has always taken a value-added approach to guideline changes. An example: When it became clear that the seven-night minimum stay requirement was burdensome for many owners, the board decided that the requirement could be met by using several resorts over the seven-day period, provided the nights were consecutive.

The bylaws are generally associated with the business processes of the club. They contain definitions of members; they also prescribe the power of the board, the election process, and the legal basis for the financial viability of the club. Bylaws may be amended with the affirmative vote of at least 25% of the voting power. Owners will vote on one bylaw amendment this year.

The declaration describes fundamental principles of WorldMark, The Club. Such items as the hierarchy of the founding documents, membership and the right to occupy, use restrictions, and reservation windows are all found in the declaration. The declaration may be amended with the affirmative vote of a majority (greater than 50%) of the voting power. There are no declaration amendments on the ballot this year.

The bottom line: The board exists to protect and improve your ownership within the boundaries of WorldMark’s founding documents.

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