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Meet the Candidates
Your thirteen choices to fill three board of director positions
This is an opportunity for candidates for the board of directors to communicate to WorldMark owners. The opinions and statements of the candidates do not necessarily reflect those of the club, nor of the club management. The club does not assume any responsibility or accept and liability for the candidates’ opinions or the accuracy of their statements.
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Peggy Fry
Gene Hensley
Bob Morrison
Marci Tribe
David Wiens
Rick Lawler
Dr. Ken Humphrey
Larry Knutson
Dr. William B. Stokes
Stephen Desselle
Kris Nielsen
M. Cecilia Cueves
Jerry Newmin
Peggy Fry - Incumbent

I am your typical WorldMark Owner.  My kids grew up thinking WorldMark was the only way people vacationed.  My daughter, now married and on her own, told me that I have spoiled her so that she can’t vacation any other way…and quickly added that ‘I’ really need to buy more credits.  My 6,000 credit ownership has grown to 25,000 and still my vacation appetite usually requires borrowing ahead.  I’m sure many of you can relate. My life is fuller, better, because of WorldMark. I love it!

In addition to being an engaged owner, September marks my seventeenth year as Vice President of Owner Services - responsible for providing service levels that will meet or exceed your expectations.  The Vacation Planning Center, including Reservations, Owner Care, Travel and Exchange, continue to receive industry high owner satisfaction scores as do the Resort Staff, the Units and the Resort Amenities. There are some who feel my being on the board is a conflict of interest.  I say “Hogwash”!  I could not disagree more. My position provides me the ability to have a finger on the pulse of owner’s thoughts, needs and concerns through a constant stream of feedback along with the avenue to voice those needs to the board and the developer.  A conflict of interest implies that I gain personally from being on the board. To the contraire, there is no personal monetary compensation or value in my serving as a board member.  What drives me is my passion for WorldMark and the rock solid belief that both the Club and Owners benefit from my advocacy.  

WorldMark has a $200 million budget and over 250,000 owners.  The responsibility of the board cannot be overstated.   My aspirations for the future of the club are to maintain the service levels you’ve come to expect as we continue to grow.  Your vote to re-elect me in the past tells me that you have placed an obligation on my shoulders and at the same time imposed a trust upon me.  The obligation is welcomed. The trust, I assure you, will continue to be fulfilled.

Gene Hensley - Incumbent

In serving you, the owners, I offer 19 years experience as a WorldMark owner and over 30 years of senior management experience. My 12 years of service on the WorldMark Board of Directors have been dedicated to ensuring that owners continue to enjoy the high level of service you’ve come to expect and enjoy from your Club.

My first priority is to ensure that WorldMark owners continue to enjoy the service culture which separates us from the rest of the industry as we continue to grow and evolve. I remain committed to ensuring that this growth and evolution never diminish or change the inherent rights of ownership in anyway. As president of your board for over 12 years, and as former COO of the founding company, Trendwest,  I have made certain those rights remain true to our bylaws and declarations. Our Club has not only one of the industry's lowest dues structures and highest satisfaction ratings, but one of the most tenured senior teams in the hospitality industry today.

Your board guarantees the standards and consistency that continue to define us, utilizing your dues with the greatest possible efficiency in today's economy. We remain committed to continuing to incorporate sustainable solutions as we refurbish and repair your resorts for the greater benefit of owners and the environment.

My request to you is that you vote, be involved in your club. We need you working with us, even if only to assign your proxy to the board so as to guarantee we continue in the direction we started in 1989!

Bob Morrison - Incumbent

It has been a privilege to serve as your independent, outside director during the past two years and to play a small role in the success that our club enjoys.  If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for the interests of average owners, support close and equitable business relations with the Wyndham organization, and promote excellence in WorldMark, The Club governance.

During my first term I:

  • Actively participated in every regular and special meeting of the Board.
  • Attended the American Resort Developers Convention where I gained a better understanding of the impact of the current economy on the hospitality industry and learned about changes in timeshare law and resort management.
  • Chaired the 2008 audit committee and secured board approval to replace the prior auditors of 18 years with a new larger, widely respected accounting firm
  • Chaired the 2008 board election nominations committee, presenting excellent candidates to the membership
  • Helped improve Board oversight by stimulating the development of new reports to monitor key operating and resort metrics
  • Advocated for the development of a board handbook to bring together disparate board procedures and, establish conduct and conflict of interest standards for directors and board candidates.

My wife and I discovered Worldmark in 1999.  As enthusiastic owners with 24,000 credits, we continually experience a wide variety of WorldMark properties and offerings.  We look forward to many more years of enjoyment from our investment in WorldMark, The Club.

In my working career I practiced as a CPA and after earning an MBA, served in various senior management and director positions.  I look forward to continuing to apply this experience for the benefit of WorldMark owners, bringing good judgment and business experience to this service.  I am free from any conflicting interests.

Marci Tribe

I love WorldMark. It has truly changed my life. Yet I am alarmed by recent trends:

  • More credits required for inferior construction & mediocre locations
  • Record fee increases with declining customer service
  • Developer’s questionable use of resorts - “Party Weekends”, public rentals
  • Election manipulation and process irregularities
  • Restriction of information by and between owners
  • Significant errors in financial and Vacation Credit accounting
  • Existing owners subjected to high-pressure sales

Why isn’t our Board protecting owners? Four of our five directors have a conflict of interest: close professional ties to Wyndham, our Developer/Manager. Each of these problems benefits Wyndham at our expense. We MUST elect an independent Board.

Why elect me to that Board?  I am respected among owners. I have an established working relationship with the Board. I believe in an independent Board without jeopardizing the important business relationship between Developer and Club. I respect Wyndham’s right to make a profit – but NOT at the Club’s expense. Though passionate about WorldMark, I can separate emotional considerations and identify the legal, organizational and economic basis of issues, then rationally discuss issues with people on both sides and help each to understand the other’s concerns.

While my goal to achieve an independent Board is clear and unchangeable, I will work through cooperation and mutual respect - not combat.

My specific qualifications include:

  • Twenty years in commercial real estate
    • Property management: apartment, office, retail, and condominium developments.
    • Management of multi-million dollar construction loans.
    • Financial records and reporting to property owners.
    • Preparation and enforcement of governing documents for commercial condominium developments.
  • Chosen by our Board for the WorldMark Owner Advisory Committee, 2007-2008.
  • Heavily involved in www.wmowners.com, a “By Owners, For Owners” advocacy group dedicated to owner understanding and enjoyment of WorldMark.

In the 2008 election, I received more direct owner votes than either of the incumbents who were officially re-elected; if we include independent owner proxies, I received more votes than the two incumbents combined.  Help the OWNER voices prevail in 2009!

350 words are not enough.  Please visit me at www.Marci4WorldMarkTheClub.com or Marci4WorldMark@gmail.com.

David Wiens

My knowledge of WM and the timeshare business equips me to serve effectively on the board. We’ve used our WM membership extensively since 1992, here in Canada and the United States, and two years ago in Australia and New Zealand. Our original motivation for becoming owners was our severely handicapped son (who passed away 9 years ago) — the thought your organization put into the facilities provided at each location the flexibility of the bonus time and booking arrangements, including online, made it made it very easy to fully enjoy the resorts. We also have memberships in two other timeshares which offer slightly different services so we can compare WM’s offerings.  We’ve used both RCI and Interval for exchanges and for getaways, and we particularly appreciate the flexible terms of your arrangement with both (not true of our other memberships).

My credentials and experience fit the needs of the Board. Holding a Masters degree in English, have taught English and Applied Communication at the university level for 26 years, and have managed a communication consulting business throughout.   Fifteen years ago, I spearheaded the first Applied Communication department in Canada, served as its chair for three terms while we established ourselves academically, and guided the department into its present role as the biggest academic department, service-provider in the 3rd largest School of Business in Western Canada.

I know how to work with diverse groups to get things done. I led my university’s successful effort to acquire ACBSP accreditation (the first Canadian teaching university to do so) and currently act as the liaison between ACBSP and the university. During that process, I acquired Malcolm Baldridge certification (continuous quality improvement). I co-authored the  Individualized Funding report in 1996 that motivated the BC government (2002) to restructure the bureaucracy impeding families with children with disabilities and offer much more practical and market-friendly, funding arrangements.

Finally, I would bring a Canadian perspective to the table along with a mild concern that WM’s absorption into Wyndham doesn’t in any way alter the reputation for excellence acquired by WM over the years.

Rick Lawler

My family and I became WorldMark owners in February of 1995. After seven years of great experiences, in 2002 I wrote a book: Owner to Owner: Guide to WorldMark Ownership (more info at www.minref.com). While many of the 85,000 copies sold have been to Wyndham and its predecessors, my voice has always been and remains independent. My focus was—and is—to educate owners and enhance communication.
    The current economic climate requires knowledgeable, innovative, and persistent leadership with the ability to effectively work with management, the developer, and owners.
    In the past, I’ve served as president of a chamber of commerce, as a historical society board member, and I currently serve on the Oak Harbor Arts Commission.
    I retired in 2005 from the University of California, Davis, Health System after 21 years as a computer trainer and technician. I’ve since worked for the Town of Coupeville, Island County, and currently the Central Whidbey Chamber of Commerce. I also operate my own publishing business, which includes several book titles, photographic art, and visual media.
    I’m a member of the Authors Guild and the Whidbey Island Writers Association.
    If elected to the Board of Directors, I will bring to the table honesty, integrity, persistence, and innovation. Addressing owner concerns, securing the best possible vacations for us all at the lowest possible cost, and protecting our collective investment in WorldMark, the Club will be a top priority.
    Enhancing communication and dialog between owners and the Board, between owners and the Developer, and between owners and owners, is a major goal. We are Owners; we own WorldMark, The Club. Together, we can determine and guide its future.
    I’d like the opportunity to represent your interests moving forward, and would appreciate your vote.

Dr. Ken Humphrey

Sylvia and I have been owners since 2001, when we purchased our ownership credits at Steamboat Springs, CO.  We consider our decision to invest in a WorldMark by Wyndham ownership was one of the best decisions, financial or otherwise, that we've ever made!

Since 2001 we've visited 15 different WorldMark resorts, several to which we've made repeat visitations.  At this point our favorites are Kihei, Steamboat Springs, Estes Park, Solvang and Marina Dunes.  

I consider myself to be reasonably knowledgeable regarding of the use of WorldMark credits and ownership.  I try very hard to be as up-to-date as possible.  I'm always reading articles (and even the fairly recent book by one of the WorldMark owners) regarding the topic in general, and I spend quite a bit of time on the web site either searching for a "good deal," reading owners' evaluations of resorts, or just looking around to see what's new.

WorldMark ownership has provided my wife and me, along with our immediate family members (particularly our two sons and their young families) and friends and relatives, a really tremendous opportunity to sight-see and stay in beautiful locations, some of which are reasonably close to home and some that are (nicely so) far away.

Being a member of the WorldMark Board of Directors would afford me a really excellent opportunity to provide down-to-earth feedback, to management in particular, regarding a number of owner-related topics of interest or concern.   Ownership flexibility, resort service and services, continued positive owner satisfaction, enhancement of owner communications with the club and with other owners, and quality resort facilities are just several topics that are continuing to be important to me (and to, I'm sure) to other WorldMark owners.

I would consider serving on the Board of Directors an honor, a privilege and a great distinction.  I would most certainly take my responsibilities and duties seriously, and I would pledge to do my best to be an effective and thought-provoking elected representative of other WorldMark owners. 

Larry Knutson

I would welcome the opportunity to become an active member of the Board of Directors.  Our own membership dates back to 1996 with the purchase of additional credits in 2005.  I believe WorldMark offers exceptional value to its members, has tremendous unrealized opportunity in membership growth, especially in the Northeast, and in general would like the opportunity to represent the best interest of members/owners while being part of a dynamic leadership team.  The information below is provided to support my candidacy.

  • I believe in the WorldMark product and have leveraged the services with my own family in Hawaii, California, Florida, and soon the newest affiliates in the Northeast.
  • Leverage my background to find ways to help our club meet its needs while balancing the risk/reward equation protecting owners/members.
  • My passion is Customer Experience; ensure all members and owners feel valued and appreciated while enjoying the best amenities the club has to offer.
  • I have 36 years experience in Leading Quality Customer Experience most recently as a Consumer Market Executive on both the West and East coasts.
  • I have extensive training and experience is in Commercial Banking, Small Business, Real Estate Developer and Private Bank lending. I have this experience as a Loan officer, Manager of loan origination groups, Regional Credit Administrator and Internal auditor / examiner.

Between my professional background and having a large family with young children, I will be a voice to always support our club’s business needs and the needs of the families that look to WorldMark for the best family vacationing experience possible.

Thank you in advance for consideration.

Dr. William B. Stokes D.B.A, CFP®

 As a satisfied WorldMark owner since October of 2000, I am concerned about the future success and growth of the Club in a more competitive global timeshare/ hospitality industry.  My goals as a Director include; first, helping insure the continuation and improvement of the symbiotic relationship between the Wyndham development company, Wyndham resort management, and WorldMark the Club. Second, I would like to see WorldMark pursue opportunities for the development of more great urban locations, similar to the Camlin in Seattle.  Third, communication is the key to good customer service and WorldMark has done an excellent job of communicating with its owners. However, I think there needs to be a better explanation the relationship between the developer, resort manager and the Club to owners and prospective owners. Few owners or prospects understand the relationship.  Fourth, during the current economic downturn, look for ways for WorldMark to improve the amenties it can offer owners, while holding down escalating maintenance and construction costs.  Fifth, expand the use of WorldMark points for hotels, cars and other services.

I have thoroughly enjoyed almost nine years of timeshare vacationing.  Timeshare ownership has allowed my family to experience vacations at exotic locations, in safe and comfortable facilities.  WorldMark the Club has been responsible for a large portion of those wonderful memories.  My goals as a WorldMark Director, are to help guarantee those same quality vacation opportunities are available for owners and prospective owners in the future.

Stephen Desselle

 The past 15 years as a member of WorldMark, have stayed at over 35 resorts, and booked over 195 reservations. Currently I am a Platinum Elite member in good standing and my recent retirement from management at the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) allows me the time to pursue volunteer work. As my resume states, for DOR I was the Enterprise Services manager, where I initiated contracts for services, prepared service level agreements to ensure performance, and maintained a positive relationship with commissions and committees within the State information Technology community.  Currently I provide volunteer Information Technology services to the local Habitat for Humanity and in the past have served as president of the Olympia Sailing Association, President of the Northwest Roller Canary Club, and an adult leader for the Pacific Peaks Girl Scout Council.

I see WorldMark as a great organization that faces some challenges. In my resort visits I find a number of individuals voicing a growing displeasure with Wyndham’s management of the WorldMark properties. My personal observations lead me to the belief that the majority of the complaints are related to “mother natures” climate issues, while some do have merit.  As a board member I would work toward identification and resolution of those issues we have control over, and feel we need to do more to solicit member feedback.  The electronic feedback saves WorldMark labor costs, but it is too easy to for members to ignore. Without valid performance feedback, we can not improve our club.    

As my career background indicates, I have the tenacity to get the job done. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my credentials with you at a mutually convenient time. Thank you for your consideration.

Kris Nielsen

I am submitting my name as a candidate to the World Mark Board of Directors. As a committed World Mark owner since 2001 of 250,000 credits, having owned an award-winning winery and horse ranch for over 20 years, and having served on several Boards, including the current Vice Chair of the Life Support Board in Central, Washington, I believe that I have much to offer to the World Mark Board of Directors in its oversight of the World Mark activities and properties.

As both an engineer and lawyer, I bring a perspective to the Board which will add value in its deliberations regarding existing properties and decisions relative to future capital project expenditures. My background has primarily been in the contracts and construction industry where I have spent an extensive amount of my career on project involving the hospitality industry. In addition to my experience with contract development, client relationships and construction of hospitality projects, I was a cofounder in an award-winning winery in New Jersey that received numerous accolades from famous wine critics including Hugh Johnson. Over the last 35 years I have worked at both at the initial project development phase through to close out, including resolution of disputes that have arisen.

In addition to my intimate knowledge of hotel resort/condominium contract development and construction, I personally own a condominium in Seattle, Washington, (since 1986) and as such am intimately familiar with home owner dues and the budgets that go with such monthly due structures. I have traveled extensively my entire life and am currently a member of the Century Club (having traveled to over 100 different countries). Having traveled the world, including all seven continents, I have experienced all types of travel from small and large cruise ships, round-the-world private jet tours, private-guided tours such as the Hemingway Safari in Kenya, hotellresort stays including some of the most exclusive properties to extreme travel adventures such as the North Pole, elephant riding in Nepal, island hiking on Easter Island, Machu Pichu, and Ankor Wat in Cambodia.

M. Cecilia Cueves

 I respectfully request consideration of my nominee statement to join as a Board Member of the WorldMark Board of Directors.  My interest in applying is to enhance and continue to develop the benefits of WorldMark ownership.  My family and I have been RCI members for 10+ years and Worldmark members for several years.  The WorldMark ownership of points provides us the flexibility in both vacation and business travel that really works best for our family.  We have been able to utilize our WorldMark timeshare for small weekend outings, one-day business travel, and week-long family (10 members) vacations all in the short time we have been owners.  I am one of Worldmark’s very happy members and a vocal advocate of the ownership program.

I have served as a community leader on a variety of levels, both as a Mayor Pro Tem and Council Member within my home town City of Fillmore, 2000-2008.  I currently serve as President of the statewide California Coalition Against Sexual Assault Board of Directors.  I serve on a number of local community boards, and professionally provide financial advice as a licensed Financial Advisor for the clients of Merrill Lynch.  I am a graduate of the University of Southern California and will soon complete my graduate MBA degree from California Lutheran University. I believe my background and experience will certainly provide a great deal of professionalism, critical and thoughtful development planning skills and most importantly passion to a cause that we can all be proud of, enhancing our ownership experience.  I have always been a community advocate and hope to lend my skills to the betterment of owners like you of WorldMark, The Club.

Jerry Newmin

 My wife Barbie and I have been members of WorldMark since 1998. Since we became owners we have stayed at WorldMark facilities in California, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Missouri, Mexico and Australia. We have been impressed with the quality of the facilities and the level of service provided by this organization.

I have extensive corporate governance experience in large and small public corporations, private companies and non-for-profit organizations. I was one of the initial founders of the Corporate Directors Forum in San Diego, CA, served as its Chairman for three years and was elected Director of the Year. The Corporate Directors Forum was founded to promote excellence in corporate governance and now includes more than 300 individual and corporate members in San Diego. I also served on numerous committees and served as Chairman of the Directors Registry, the annual Director of the Year Awards program and a program devoted to corporate Ethics.

I have managed NYSE and American Stock Exchange Fortune 500 companies and have specialized in increasing revenues, profits and shareholder values of high-growth and troubled companies. I have been President of HealthAmerica Corporation (then the nation's largest publicly held HMO management company with forty operating units in 20 states) and was Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of The International Silver Company, a diversified multi-national manufacturing company that I restructured. I was Chief Executive Officer of numerous Whittaker Corporation operating units, including Production Steel Company, Whittaker Textiles, Bertram Yacht, Trojan Yacht, Columbia Yacht, Narmco Materials and Anson Automotive. I was instrumental in Whittaker's entry into the US and international health care markets. I was Western Regional Vice President of American Medicorp, Inc, where I managed 23 acute care hospitals throughout the Western United States. I was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SYS Technologies, Inc., a high-growth defense technology company. Most recently I have been Chairman of a small, publicly held, bio-pharmaceutical company that is developing therapeutic products. My board experience is extensive.

I believe that my experience, creativity and focus on building growing, more viable companies could be of benefit to your organization. It would be an honor to serve on the WorldMark board of directors.

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