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WorldMark by Wyndham Green Certification

Our Committment to Staying Green

WorldMark by Wyndham understands that our business activities impact the earth and its resources. Therefore, as a company we pledge to continue our efforts to conserve resources, preserve natural habitats and prevent pollution. Our resorts are currently aiming to achieve one of the following four (4) certification levels: Basic, Advanced-Silver, Advanced-Gold, Advanced-Crystal by completing the following requirements:

Wyndham Green Certified WorldMark Resorts - 2010

2011 Basic Green Certification

All items below are required of each resort.

Green paper products that meet minimum EPA post-consumer content requirements Resort to use green facial tissue, bath tissue and paper towels.
Green in-unit dish packs, dish liquid and laundry detergent Resort to use dish detergent that is biodegradable and does not contain chlorine bleach. Laundry detergents to be concentrated biodegradable, non-toxic and contain no phosphates.
Commercial, back of house, front of house and administrative office recycling Resort to develop a recycling program for all administrative areas, when available locally.
Organization of an active resort “Green Team” Resort to have a specialized Green Team focused on communication with a greening purpose.
Fluorescent bulbs and batteries are properly recycled at the end of their useful lives. Resort to participate in a fluorescent bulb and drycell battery disposal program.
Basic water conservation practices are in place Resort landscaping and lawn irrigation systems to be activated during the hours of 10 p.m. - 7 a.m. to minimize evaporation.
Green cleaning chemicals are being used for unit cleaning and common areas Resort to use all-purpose and general purpose cleaners, degreasers and glass cleaners that are environmentally friendly.
Elimination of bottled water Resort to switch from bottled water to filtered water for employee use.
Common area recycling available to guests Resort to develop a recycling program for guest usage, when available locally.
Unit CFL quick start bulbs (subject to fixture adaptability) Resort to change to compact fluorescent bulbs in all areas of the resort (indoor and outdoor).
Lo-flow showerheads and faucet aerators Resort to change to lo-flow showerheads and faucet aerators.
Green Office Practices Resort to maximize the use of paper, to include double-sided printing.
Refreshment Stations Resort to use coffee cups and plates with a minimum of 10% recycled content.
In-Unit Recycle Program Resort to provide a standardized in-unit recycle bag or bin for owner/guest recycling.
Exterior Water Saving Sensors Resort to use precipitation sensors on landscape irrigation systems to prevent overwatering during rainy conditions.
Motion-Sensitive Lighting Resort to have motion-sensitive lighting controllers in all public and associate restrooms and break rooms.
Sustainability 101 Training Resort associates will take Sustainability 101 online training.

2011 Advanced Green Certification

All items below are not mandatory, however, resorts that meet these standards earn points toward an Advanced Green Certification.

CFC refrigerant recycling program Resort will not use chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) that cause ozone depletion such as refrigerants and aerosols. Existing CFC’s are recovered, recycled and disposed of.
Energy management systems Resort to use programmable thermostat sensors for living quarters or office areas.
Energy Star appliances or tankless water heaters in the units Resort to use appliances that are EPA Energy Star compliant or Green Seal certified.
Exterior water saving sensors Resort to have precipitation sensors in place on irrigation or sprinkler systems to prevent overwatering.
All public and employee restrooms or storage areas equipped with motion-sensitive
lighting controllers
Resort to install motion-sensitive lighting controllers in all public and employee restrooms.
Community based environmental causes for at least 2 events during the year. Each resort must participate in an environmental cause.
Green laundry systems Resort to operate a “green” laundry system to include energy use, water use, toxicity and VOC of products.
Commercial use of organic products in public areas/grounds Resort to use organic compounds or low phosphate fertilizers in the common or landscaped elements of the resort. This includes landscaping and pest control.
Other major projects utilizing alternative energy sources Resort to use solar, wind, natural gas or other alternative energy source for powering a major resort amenity or element of the resort.
Alternative energy powered vehicles Resorts to use propane, LNG, hybrid or other energy source to power trucks or transportation vans. Existing golf carts do not qualify.
Other Major Projects Not Listed Above of Exceptional Merit Resort to use innovative products or practices that involve energy or resource savings.
Low VOC Interior Paints Resort to use low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints in interior areas to help with indoor air quality.
Waterless Urinals Resort to have waterless urinals in 50% or more of the resort’s public and associate restrooms for men.
Motion-Sensitive Lighting Resort to have motion-sensitive lighting controllers in 50% of back of house storage and mechanical areas.
Energy Star – Wyndham Green Toolbox Energy Efficiency Improvements Resort to have a targeted goal of a 10% reduction in energy consumption for each resort.
Energy Audit Services Resort to receive a full energy audit designed to evaluate and improve resort efficiency.
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