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On Your Side

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by all of the scams and spam you may encounter every day? It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not. That’s why your WorldMark® by Wyndham Scambusters are here to help.

You may not know that this issue is so important to us that we’ve created a dedicated team who will continue to be a front line resource providing information for you about the latest ways scam artists are targeting the timeshare community. As part of our commitment you will continue to hear from us both in your owner magazine as well as on your website. This is where you’ll find the latest updates to help you make informed decisions in order to protect you and your ownership from unreputable resale, rental, transfer and relief companies.

Scambusters Speak Out

As timeshare owners, many of you have been contacted by individuals and companies who aim to profit from misleading you. In the past we have urged you to be wary of calls and other communications from non-Wyndham companies promising financial benefits from the rental or resale of your timeshare ownership interest. And more recently, we have advised you to be skeptical of companies that promise modification or cancellation of your contractual obligations to Wyndham. We know that most WorldMark owners are savvy consumers that can smell a false claim and know not to pay up-front fees for these services. But as you may know, as soon as consumers catch on to a scam, these unscrupulous individuals and companies have already moved on to the next.

Now for the Latest: Be Wary of “Transfer” and “Relief” Companies

Recently, we have received reports from many of you who have been contacted by non-Wyndham companies offering to “relieve” or “rescue” you from maintenance fees and special assessments associated with paid off timeshares by facilitating an ownership “transfer” to a third-party in exchange for — you guessed it — a substantial up-front fee.

The Bottom Line

If you are contacted by a non-Wyndham company with an offer regarding your ownership that sounds too good to be true (and it likely is) or you are being asked to pay an up-front fee for a “service,” proceed with extreme caution!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Owner Care at 1-888-648-7363.

As a reminder, Wyndham does not sell or provide owner information to non-Wyndham companies. We strongly recommend that you always confirm that you are speaking with a WorldMark by Wyndham representative before engaging in any dialogue about your ownership.


Below are the names of companies that WorldMark by Wyndham owners have recently and/or repeatedly complained to us about:

  • Coast to Coast Vacation Properties (VP Coast Properties)
  • Global Resort Management
  • Referral Network Marketing
  • Resorts2Rent / Resorts2Travel
  • Special T Travel
  • Timeshares By Owner
  • Trend US Resorts
  • Universal Timeshare Sales Associates
  • Vacation Property Marketing
  • Vacation Select Services
  • Winmark Resorts
  • Worldwide Resort Property Management
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