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WorldMark® Owners share stories of memorable moments, celebrated occasions, and the hobbies they pursue at their favorite resorts.

Second Place Share Your Story Winner: Meet Janie Von Komen

"I just needed to breathe.

Not unlike the rest of the world, my chaotic life often wears me down. At the front end of summer I felt choked by the busyness and many involvements of my day to day. A friend suggested doing a writer’s retreat in Midway, Utah smack dab in the middle of the summer.

"It's time you did something for yourself,” she said. “Your bucket is almost empty. I think this might fill it up for you."

Our family has used, shared and supersized our WorldMark ownerships for everything from simple stop-overs to major vacations. I can testify to that truth because we have been living the dream since the year 2000. This time, I sought after a private rejuvenation. I booked a week at WorldMark Midway in Utah and paid my fees for the retreat.

I wandered through wooded areas, I walked over a wooden bridge, I sat on large rocks, I strolled through a mostly restored town of old and new and I contemplated my own history and what kind of legacy I might create for my posterity. I sorted out what future goals called to me from the cracks and crevices of an antiquated town revitalized to satisfy every age with something of value.

Each morning before my conference began I took a walk in the crisp air before summer woke up and the heat slithered in. I watched the golfers banter with each other on the course outside my window. Snippets of humanity roaming the mountainside on foot, on mountain bikes and on ATVs were swallowed up in the quiet of the hills surrounding the WorldMark Midway Resort.

I felt safe even though I was staying alone. This concern made me anxious until the friendly, helpful staff at the resort put me at ease. I remember standing at the top of a hill not far from WorldMark Midway, overlooking the town of Midway. I did not move for a very long time. Counting how many different colors of green I could see from there, I smiled at the quaint, restored homes peeking out of the foliage. My shoulders relaxed, the tension down my spine released and I let out a long, deep breath I did not know I was holding for probably the past year.

Most of our vacations are truly memorable or once in a lifetime experiences with many or all of our family surrounding us, but sometimes the vacation we need the most is simply someplace to stop for a few moments and take time to breathe.”

Third Place Share Your Story Winner: Colleen Gribble

"My family started out as early settlers arriving in Oregon via the Oregon Trail. I love coming to Seaside, Oregon and seeing the turnaround that reminds me of the history of this great state. I have three sisters and we have been coming to Seaside, Oregon since we were children. I remember the old and relish the modernization WorldMark brings to the boardwalk. My sisters and I stayed at WorldMark Seaside in June and it was our home sweet home - a time and place where we could be kids again. Whether we are playing on the beach, splashing in the pool or strolling along the boardwalk, we have fond memories and are making new ones, too!

WorldMark Seaside provides a place where we can gather and all stay in the same room. That is what makes it so much fun - like a slumber party! As we grow older, we changed the way we like to do some things. We used to spend hours making a fire on the beach and roasting our hot dogs, usually with a bit of sand added in; now we have hot dogs on the barbecue grill right outside our door! It used to be campers, trailers, tents, sleeping bags and lumpy sofa beds. Thankfully that has turned into heavenly sleeping arrangements with comfy mattresses and fine linens. Long walks on the beach used to end with wrapping up in a blanket and hopping in the car with the heater on, now we can enjoy the hot tub to warm up and relax. While we no longer can stand the frigid ocean water - we do love our early morning dip in the pool (do I hear Marco Polo?). Can you believe four girls and a mom shared one bathroom? We love our three- bedroom, two-bathroom unit so much!

We are all very creative and the beach provided some great treasures this year —perfect sand dollars, shells and a few pieces of driftwood. And I need to mention that we love the security of WorldMark Seaside - the great parking arrangements (park and never have to drive the whole time we are here) and the friendly staff!

It was so wonderful that my sisters, Mom and I were able to gather this year at WorldMark Seaside. It is nice to relax and leave our worries behind, even for just one night! We were so happy that WorldMark, The Club was there for us this year."

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