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Owner Corner
Making New WorldMark® Memories in Mexico
October 2011

Kathy Klingman decided to venture to WorldMark Coral Baja, Mexico in February on her own, which turned out to be a trip of a lifetime as she met new friends, participated in adventures and made many memories to bring back home.

“I have worked for the state government for 24 years now, and I am currently in a highly politically charged office. I have not taken a “real” vacation in approximately three years. I got to the point to where I had to take vacation time off for work, or I would have lost it. Not wanting to lose my time, I called the specialists at WorldMark and told her that I wanted to find some sun. I didn’t care where – I just had two requirements. I had to book something by the end of 2010 to use my Travelshare credits and be back by the first of April.

With both of the requirements met, she booked me a unit at WorldMark Coral Baja in mid-February. Then, it was up to me to find someone to go with.

Time was marching on and no one, not a single family member or friend could go with me. It was the usual time or money. I had to make a decision. Against all of the recommendations – I went by myself. I decided that even if I did nothing but sit by the pool, it would be a successful vacation.

I had one of the best vacations that I have ever been on. I hooked up with a couple from northern California and a woman traveling with her teenage daughter and her friend. We shared dinner, drinks and stories. I hardly spent any time in my room.

“I decided to do one thing a little bit darling. I went up in a powered hang glider with Los Cabos Sky Rides. Bruno, the pilot, was cordial, professional and very knowledgeable of the area. A bird’s eye view of the surrounding area was awesome. The 15 minutes was totally exhilarating. Thanks to Mike and Wendy, I have pictures.

One afternoon, sitting by the pool with Julia and Victor (the Activities Director), I decided to play Bingo. I got the last board, and I won the last game. The prize was an extreme tour at Costa Azul Canopy. We and about 30 other people (mostly younger than me) zipped across a canyon and repelled a couple of hundred feet. We were our own SWAT team. Needless to say, I had to buy one of the pictures as my daughters would never believe me.

Bruno and Victor were my heroes. The vacation was not only successful in relaxing, but it had a bit of adventure, too. Not to mention, stories to share when I returned home.”

Kathy Klingman
Milton, Wash.
Owners Since: 1992

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