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E-booking Guidelines

Booking online through the WorldMark web site is subject to the same guidelines as defined in Club Guidelines for WorldMark, The Club. e-booking is limited to certain transactions as listed below:

Included for e-booking:
You may use any of the following options to book a single available WorldMark resort unit.  Online reservations can be made only if the arrival time is at least 48 hours and no more than 13 months in advance.  Regular booking windows still apply.    

  1. Vacation, Trade, Incentive, and Assigned Credits
  2. Bonus Time
  3. Fun Time
  4. FAX Time
  5. Elite Rentals
  6. Inventory Specials
  7. Monday Madness

Excluded from e-booking:
Our Vacation Planning counselors are available to assist you with these other reservation types. Simply call 1-800-457-0103.

  1. Reservations that use a combination of vacation credits and cash (including cruises and getaways for credits)
  2. Grouped reservations

Owner Criteria:

In order to e-book a reservation the owner must meet the following criteria:
1. The owner's account must be current on contract payments and dues.
2. The owner assumes responsibility for any reservation confirmation completed using the owner number and PIN. Keep your PIN in a safe place.
3. The owner must have a valid email account registered through the WorldMark web site

Guest Usage:

An owner is allowed Guest Usage during the e-booking process if the reservation meets the same criteria as defined in the Club Guidelines. The Guest's first and last names are required along with identification upon check-in.

Payment for Reservations:
Any charges incurred during e-booking will be detailed and displayed during the reservation process. A valid credit card is required as payment. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

48-hour waiting period:
There will be an enforced 48-hour waiting period between a cancellation and a new reservation whenever any of the following occurs:
1. The Owner is cancelling a one-week reservation in Red Season and then requests to rebook the same reservation for less than a week within 10 months or less of occupancy;
2. The Owner is cancelling a Vacation Credit Reservation and then requests to rebook that reservation as a Bonus Time reservation;
3. The Owner is cancelling a regular Bonus Time Reservation and then requests to rebook that reservation as a Guest-only reservation within five (5) days of use; or
4. The Owner is requesting a revision to an existing reservation and the revised arrival date was not within the Guidelines on the original date of booking.
5. The Owner is requesting a revision to an existing Grouped Reservation and the revised segments were not within the Guidelines on the original date of booking.

South Pacific Restrictions: (excluding Fiji)
1. Reservations booked at South Pacific Resorts can only be booked a maximum of 11 months away.
2. Bonus Time cannot be used on a South Pacific reservation.

1. Time Limit: Once an owner begins the e-booking process it must be completed in 15 minutes or less.
2. Hours of Operation: e-booking is only available from 6:00 AM - 11:30 PM PST, 7 days a week.

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